Two Roll Mixing Mill Of The Characteristic Parameters

 Two Roll Mixing Mill Ordinary calender mainly by the roller, rack, roller adjustment device, roller temperature adjustment device, transmission, lubrication system and control system and so on. Precision calendering machine in addition to ordinary rolling machine with the main parts and devices, to increase the accuracy of the device to ensure the calendar.

  Two Roll Mixing Mill The length and diameter of the roll refers to the length and diameter of the working part of the roll. This is a characteristic parameter that characterizes the size of the calender.

1, roller length

      Two Roll Mixing Mill The roller length characterizes the maximum extent of the calendering product. The effective length of the roll is the length of the roll minus the length of the non-working surface (about 15% of the roll length), since the position of the baffle plate is to be retained at both ends.

2, roller length to diameter ratio

      The ratio of the length and diameter of the roller working part is the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio (or roll diameter) of the roll mainly affects the calender

Thickness accuracy of calender products (except for reducers). In addition to its performance with the calendering material, the material of the roll is related to the length of the working part, depending on the quality requirements of the rolled product.

3, the relationship between roller diameter and transverse pressure and power, aspect ratio and stiffness

      The relationship between the diameter of the roll and the transverse pressure and power is shown in the figure. The larger the diameter of the roller, the greater the lateral pressure, the greater the required drive power, almost a straight line relationship.

The aspect ratio of the roll mainly affects the stiffness of the roll, and the figure shows the rigidity ratio of the roller with diameter of φ610mm at different aspect ratios. As can be seen from the figure, the larger the aspect ratio, the worse the rigidity.

4, roller length, diameter and aspect ratio to determine

      Two Roll Mixing Mill The length, diameter and aspect ratio of the roller are determined according to the requirements of the production process of the product, that is, according to the type of raw material to be processed, the thickness range and width range of the rolled product, the rolling speed of the roll (ie, the production requirement).

In order to ensure the accuracy of the thickness dimension of the rolled products, the roll length to diameter ratio should be limited to the following ranges (except for the reducers) according to production practice:

Processing of soft materials (such as rubber), the general aspect ratio of 2.5 to 2.7. Maximum no more than 3;

Processing of hard materials, take the aspect ratio of 2.0 to 2.2 or so.

Roller length, diameter of the standard series: φ360 × 1120; φ450 × 1200; φ550 × 1600; φ610 × 1730; φ710 × 1800