Small Type Open Rubber Mixing Mill / Rubber Mixing Machine

Condition: New

Automatic Grade: Automatic

Colour: Green, Red and Your Requiry

Roll Bearing: Bearing Bush

Customized: Customized

Origin:  China

Wuxi Double Elephant Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd is a backbone enterprise of rubber and plastics machinery industry with over 30 years of history in China. It is a key export enterprise in the field of rubber and plastics machine, recognized as foreign exchange-earning enterprises many times .It is assessed as high tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and the leading enterprises of Chinese industry. we have excellent staff and high quality research and development management team. and can according to user requirements design and manufacture all kinds of special and non-standard rubber machienry and equipment.

2. Rubber Mixing Machine product discription:

1). Application:

     the rubber mixing mill is mainly used in rubber processing line for plastic,sheeting, thermal refining      and mixing.

2). Rubber Mixing Machine features & structure:

      The equipment is mainly composed of front & rear rolls, left & right frame, gap adjustment device with overload protection, base , roller temperature adjustment device. front & rear speed ratio gear reducer , lubrication device, emergency brake sysstem and motor, electric cabinet and so on.

     The rolls are made of alloy chilled cast iron with hard and wear-resistant surface and middle hollow, the working temperature of rolls is controlled by steam, cooling water or oil passed through the cavity to meet the demand of rubber processing.

    This machine equipped with overload protection and emergency braking device, which can protect main parts from damage by pulling the braking rod , when overload or other emergency accidents happens. manual or electric gap adjustment device to be selected according to customers' actual demand.