Shaft Mounted Reducer Production Wholesale Manufacturers Analysis: Rubber Machinery Industry Development Avenue More And More Wide

From the 2005 Rubber Machinery Annual Report can be seen, the growth rate of China's rubber machinery industry than the previous two years, "blowout" market significantly slowed down, but the profit continued to grow, exports also increased significantly. Annual report shows that the development of rubber machinery more rational than ever, the industry in recent years advocated by the scientific concept of development has been gradually recognized by the rubber machinery enterprises. China's rubber machinery has entered a stable and sustainable development of the benign way.

China's rubber machinery in 2003 and 2004 after two years of "blowout" type of rapid development, production capacity to a new level. Rubber machinery colleagues to see the results at the same time deeply feel the potential crisis of rapid development. On the one hand, rubber machinery market is limited, if the rubber machinery enterprises because of short-term market prosperity and large scale, is bound to increase the intensity of future market competition, "monks and less" is not conducive to the long-term development of the industry; Second, Quality can not keep up, may affect the enterprise and even the entire domestic rubber machinery overall image. Because this is quite a few rubber machinery enterprises will be designated as "adjustment year", slow down the pace of development, some large rubber machinery enterprises in the case of hot market sales do not rise or fall. In contrast, the overall profitability of China's rubber machinery is more substantial growth, the industry profits of more than 10 million yuan enterprises up to five, only two loss-making enterprises, the industry's total profit of over 100 million yuan. The total assets of the vast majority of enterprises increased over the previous year. The number of practitioners in the industry continued to decline, about 70% of the number of business growth is negative, but the extent of the reduction is not large.

China rubber machinery is another feature of the industry more attention to the international market development. In the international market development on the industry is forming a joint force, to the international market. China's rubber machinery in the international community have a certain "brand effect", has been recognized in the price performance than in the world's leading level. Many of the world's leading tire companies will be Chinese companies as long-term partners. Most of China's rubber machinery enterprises will be the international market as a marketing focus. Wuxi Double Elephant Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd is being transformed from "domestic processing plant" to "international enterprise". Even more gratifying is that rubber machinery enterprises have formed a "rubber machinery industry must play out" consensus. These large enterprises are organizing collective participation in the United States ITEC exhibition, show the overall strength and image of China's rubber machinery. China's rubber machinery in the international market position and prospects in this year to further optimistic.