Rubber Kneader Machine The Corresponding Work

   Rubber Kneader Machine Kneading machine hydraulic system oil temperature and component surface temperature rise is a more common problem, but if you do not pay attention to the temperature will be too high, and the temperature rise is too high will have a certain impact on the use of kneading machine, The following look at the kneading machine temperature rise abnormalities are the main reasons:

    1. The temperature rise caused by poor use is too high. High ambient temperature, poor cooling conditions, too high or too low viscosity, too high a regulated power, a clogging of a hydraulic system into a foreign matter, and an increase in oil temperature. Hydraulic pump due to oil pollution and other reasons can not absorb the oil caused by flat friction, will produce high temperature pump, and passed to the surface of the hydraulic pump. Solenoid valve is not in place, so that the current increases, causing the solenoid heat serious, and burn the electromagnet.

    2. The temperature rise caused by improper design is too high. The fuel tank capacity is too small, the heat dissipation area is not enough; there is no unloading circuit in the system, when the hydraulic pump is still working in the high pressure overflow; tubing is too thin too long, too much bending; or improper selection of hydraulic components, The Some are related to manufacturing problems, such as component processing and assembly accuracy is not high, relative to the friction between the moving parts too much heat; or serious leakage, volume loss is too large and so on. 3. The hydraulic components wear or the system has a leak caused by the temperature rise is too high. When the hydraulic pump wears, a large amount of leaking oil flows from the oil drain chamber into the suction chamber, causing the throttle to heat, and the other components are similar. If there is an accidental leakage in the hydraulic system of the kneading machine, the throttle heat will also cause the oil temperature to rise sharply.

    Rubber Kneader Machine If the above kneading machine exists in the form of temperature anomalies, we should pay attention to, and must be timely downtime inspection and identify the reasons for timely resolution, so as not to cause greater impact on the kneading machine, hinder the follow-up of the corresponding work.