Rubber Kneader Machine Horizontal Structure

Rubber kneading machine is ideal for non-fluid, high viscosity materials processing, mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and reassembling various chemical products.

Rubber, kneading machine Applicable scope for ink, paint, petrochemical, rubber, silicone rubber, cellulose, carbon, plastic, dyes, medicine, starch, chewing gum, bubble gum, chocolate, resin, pulp, emulsion explosives, Cosmetics, polymers and other industries.

Rubber kneading machine working principle

The use of wide blade kneading tool, can be online feeding, so that the material in the kneading tank for vertical and horizontal movement, so as to achieve the purpose of deep processing kneading.

Rubber kneading machine features

Rubber kneading machine for the horizontal horizontal horizontal structure, where the material contact with the parts, such as paddle, mixing cylinder wall and wall panels are stainless steel parts, with corrosion resistance, to ensure the characteristics of raw materials, chemical properties.

1, half-tube radiant heating, to ensure the maximum heating area, obviously showing a small thermal conductivity medium, heating speed, long insulation time characteristics.

2, the hydraulic coupling, around the coupling and other transmission contacts to ensure the stability of the transmission system.

3, can evenly on the various types of powder, paste for kneading, kneading time is short, high efficiency, the material is fast (a pot out of time only 60s-90s).

The rubber kneading machine is mainly composed of six parts: kneading part, base part, hydraulic system, transmission system, vacuum system and electric control system. It is widely used in silicone rubber, glass glue, butyl glue and hot melt adhesive. Bubble chemical production areas, rubber kneading machine industry is more advanced technology in the machinery. For all machines, the correct maintenance and maintenance is to ensure its normal work and extend the useful life of the important protection, so we can not only rely on the use of rubber kneading machine, but also in accordance with its maintenance specifications to its timely and reasonable Maintenance and maintenance. Rubber kneading machine maintenance specifications are as follows:

1, rubber kneading machine installed after the first clean-up, decontamination and wipe rust-proof grease. Check the lubrication points and inject the lubricating oil (grease). Lubricants generally use 30-40 mechanical oil. The new rubber kneader is to be used for the first time after 500 hours, and the new oil must be replaced. After a continuous work, every six months to replace (8 hours work system), such as working long hours a day, may be appropriate to shorten the oil change time. Feeding valve and the bearings should be regularly replaced grease, the new feed valve, grease should use sodium-based grease.

2, before driving the first check the degree of tension belt, adjust, you can adjust the bolt to move the motor to the appropriate location. Belt elasticity appropriate, regularly check the adjustment or replacement of the transmission chain should also brush the amount of mechanical oil, and regular cleaning chain.

3, before the test to check the circuit and electrical equipment is safe. If it is an electric heating type rubber kneader, be sure to check whether the grounding device is reliable. But also the rubber kneading room clean up for 10-15 minutes of air running, after confirming the normal operation of the machine and then put into production. Usually the new machine gear (including reducer) when the initial use of noise may be relatively large, to be running for a period of time noise is naturally reduced.