Paperless System On-line Help Rubber And Plastics Machinery Industry Import And Export Development

Inspection and quarantine paperless system is "Internet + inspection and quarantine" plan and wisdom port construction of the important content. Through the construction of "national inspection and quarantine business paperless system" for the inspection and quarantine business system to provide paperless application support; through the realization of the whole process of inspection and quarantine paperless operations, promote inspection and quarantine integration, improve inspection and quarantine gatekeeper service level, Improve work efficiency, service economy development. It is reported that the future of paperless work will gradually realize the declaration of data, the trial of a single rule, send a single randomized, mobile network, the operation of mobile, record electronic, release automation and file digitization of the new inspection and quarantine mode. It is understood that the national inspection and quarantine paperless system has been gradually in the provinces and cities on the line.

For the rubber machinery and other industries and enterprises, with a paperless system, in the future will be more efficient import and export. Through this model, can achieve the whole process of inspection and quarantine, the whole process of data transmission, electronic operations, and ultimately achieve the "eight of the" goal, that is, data reporting, trial single rule, send a single random, Operation of mobile, record electronic, release automation, file digitization. "Eight" of the final realization of rubber and plastics machinery enterprises to improve the efficiency of customs protection.

Recently, Fujian Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau began to comprehensively promote the paperless system on the line, Xiamen is the new rubber company has begun to enjoy the dividend. The company official said, the system is running, the new rubber do not have to send people to send inspection and quarantine to the quarantine window, submit inspection information, to achieve the inspection and quarantine business at home. For many homogeneous enterprises, the international competition is cost and efficiency, and paperless system not only saves a lot of transportation costs and office supplies, but also save a lot of time and labor costs.

This is a paperless system on the line as an opportunity to promote the "trip without running" "up to run a trip" and "more than the Internet, less road" measures on the rubber and plastics machinery and other import and export enterprises is a Earnest dividends, but also enterprises to mention efficiency, activation, and promote the development of the opportunity and the starting point. Paperless system operation called a new round of "cost reduction, excellent environment" action model.

Relevant data show that Manchuria port import and export declarations annual average of nearly 200,000 batches, this alone can save the cost of nearly one million yuan each year.

It is estimated by the Jiangxi Province that the system can save an average of 4 hours to 5 hours per batch of goods for the processing time, for enterprises to save supplies, labor, transportation, logistics, storage costs and other costs 100 yuan to 200 yuan is expected throughout the year Jiangxi Province for the import and export enterprises to save the relevant cost of nearly 20 million yuan.

Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau through the paperless system on the line, to achieve for each container to shorten the clearance time at least 1 working day, the container hanging box operation at least once, in the absence of information reporting error, most of the goods clearance clearance time Calculated in seconds. Each container at least to achieve cost savings of 200 yuan, this way, rubber and plastics machinery and other enterprises to truly achieve the "burden reduction", the enthusiasm will be higher, for the overall development of the industry is also beneficial and harmless

Industry insiders said, "This is a most in place, the most thorough, the most close to the current business needs, the most welcome by the enterprise paperless reform." Through this reform, the provinces import and export enterprises will enjoy a nationwide customs clearance Paper service, and then no need to test and quarantine departments and related institutions back and forth between the "run a single" to effectively improve the efficiency of customs clearance, the real implementation of the "burden reduction".