Reclaimed Rubber Mixing Mill; Tyre Reclaim Rubber Machinery Made in China

The rubber refiner is mainly used for refining of reclaimed rubber and rubber sheeting. The rollers are made of chilled cast iron with wear-resistant hard surfaces. The two rollers are smooth ones with bored cavities and can be cooled homogeneously. The protective device is provided to protect the main parts from damage due to overload. In case of emergency, the safety rod is pulled down and the rollers will be stopped immediately.

1. ISO9001 Standard

2. Good quality and least price

3. Export to South Korea, Australia, Chile and Bangladesh, etc.

4. Roller is made by special technology. There are normal roller and alloy roller for the customer to choose.

5. All of these adopt hardened gear reducer made of 35CrMo to reduce the speed. It has the advantages of low noisy, large transmission power, wear-resistant and impact resistance.

6. Adopt quenching gear to drive and increase the life of the whole machine.

7. Adopt foreign technology to weld the steel pedestal which is non-deformation, non-fracture. It can avoid the expense caused by wrong operation.

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