Plastic Extruder To Achieve Concept Of Plastic

Originating in the 18th century, since its development, technology upgrading, this year at the k show, Reifenhuser with "Rethinking" as its theme, a 2020 extruder prototypes on display.

The future research is one of the innovative concept of plasticizing Energizer, can minimize the energy input, most barrel without cooling. Use Energizer, under the same quality yields and melt, melt temperatures can be 20 degrees colder.

In the future the concept of extruder, Reifenhuser extrusion technology company with special emphasis on the energy, power, reliability, maintenance, operation, and design and functional roles. Such concepts far away? Concepts into all this together, and eventually realize the economic commercial production of, Reifenhuser that requires six years of time.

By partnering with Siemens, extrusion technology, and extrusion of the special show are free to choose the style of motor drive concept, does not require additional investment, customers are free to select the motor protection rating and cooling methods. This technology is expected to enter the market in 2015. Another prospect is the application of Peltier elements in slotted liner cooling and target applications.