Plastic Extruder Should Be How To Maintain?

1, plastic extrusion equipment [2] placed the ventilation position, the motor works heat and prolong its life; maintain good grounding of the machine.

2, and regularly check tool screws, new machine using 1 hours Hou, with tool tight solid moving knife, set knife of screws, strengthening blade and turret between of fixed sex; should regularly on raises lubricants, guarantee bearing between of lubrication sex; for guarantee tool incision of sharp degrees, should often check tool, guarantee its sharp degrees, reduced due to blade blunt deficiency and caused other parts of not necessary damaged; regularly check belt whether pine Chi, timely adjustable tight.

3, restart – before the second start, should clear the remaining scrap, reduce the starting resistance. should periodically turn inertia cover and belt pulley cover, remove flange bottom ash, Crusher discharge powder into the axle bearing.

4, replacement parts-when replacing the cutters, knives and the gap between the fixed knife: 20HP Crusher better 0.8MM, 20HP to the following crushing 0.5MM is preferred. recycling material is thinner, the clearance can be adjusted.