Plastic Calendar New Characteristics And Market Demand

Plastic calendar and its linkage of auxiliary plastic calendar line, is one of the basic equipment in the production of plastic products, which belongs to the large high-precision equipment. Calenders used in plastics processing has a history of more than 100 years, during the continuous improvement, now has new features.

New features of plastic calendar

Processing technology development, extension and improvement of product quality, development of production line of plastic calendar has entered a period of rapid development. Meanwhile, in the areas of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, increasing demand, plastic calendar in varieties, improving quality, saving energy and reducing consumption, and automatic control and has made great progress, continuously becoming larger, high precision, high efficiency and high degree of automation in the direction.

(1) large

Due to the width requirements for products and wider, so plastic calendar specifications are constantly increasing current roller surface width of four meters, five meters of the large plastic calendar has been widely used. In addition, in order to gain wide-format products, also incorporates the stenter technology and equipment, can produce a width of 4500mm films.

(2) high speed

Calendering process maximum advantage of precision, continuous and efficient. The process roughly 100 m/min by linear velocity, the new machines of up to 200~250m/min, even more than the 300m/min. An ordinary plastic four-roll rolling mill's annual processing capacity of 5000~10,000 tons.