Pillar Industries Stronger Single Screw Plastic Extruder

In China market Shang, single screw Rod plastic extrusion machine as plastic mechanical in the of pillar industry, occupy has is big development advantage, more in market in the gradually stronger, it has structure simple, and substantial durable, and maintenance convenient, and price low, and operation easy, features, and in this constantly development process in the, technology also in upgrade, towards quality, and efficient, and multifunctional of, direction development.

Plastic machinery plastic industrial development of pillar industries, it provides advanced technology and equipment for the plastics industry, its development is the base of the plastics industry, also under the influence of development of the plastics industry. From a global perspective, varieties of plastic machinery consists of injection molding machine, extruder/extrusion line and blow-moulding machine consists of three major categories of products, which accounted for more than plastic machinery 80% of GDP, popularity at the top of the market. Injection molding machines accounted for more than half of the sum of these three types of machinery.