Motorcycle / Bicycle Inner Tube Making Equipment

Rubber processing machinery Certification: CE, ISO

Size: Most of Tyre Size

Type: Tire MachineryType of Tire Machinery: Cycle Tire Machine

Material of Cycle Tyre: Rubber, Other Chemical Material

Final Product: Inner Tube of Bicycle / Motorcycle

Type of General Rubber Machinery: Rubber Calender

Applicable for all kinds of vulcanizing mould, rubber and plastic mould products, and non-mould products; Such as 

the O-ring, mobile phone, computer keyboard, remote control, and other key products and pressure cooker, rice 

cooker gaskets, household appliances and accessories, food, health, medical equipment parts. The pacifier, medical

 supplies, health supplies, arts and crafts, toys, seals, conductive rubber, automotive rubber parts, industrial

 rubber parts, medical silicone products, sports equipment, all kinds of utensils, multilayer moldings complex

 silicone and rubber parts production and processing

Our Services

(1)Train how to operate and maintain the equipment, we can also offer a house call to install and debug

(2)Provide the formers of many specifications, and we can make according to your demand.

(3)Guarantee to keep the machine in good repair.

Wuxi Double Elephant Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the professional other rubber equipment 

manufacturers and suppliers China with CE certification other rubber equipment, we can always offer you

 high-quality and good sales products.