Marine Equipments for Boat Lauching/Landing

Basic Info

Model NO.:CustomizedDiameter:0.8-2.0m
Effective Length (EL):6-23.5mTotal Length (Tl):7-25m
Layers:3-10layers, Other Types Are AvaiColor:Black
Type:Inland and Coastal BoatsMaterial:Rubber
Marine Parts:AirbagUsage:Fishing, Trade, Game, Ship Launching, Protection, Patrol, Drifting, Ship Docking
Origin:QindaoHS Code:4016950000

Additional Information

Trademark: LuHang
Material: Rss3 54% Natural Rubber
Packaging: Suitable for Sea Shipment
Origin: Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)
HS Code: 4016950000
Production Capacity: 300pcs/Week
Part: Manometer, Three-Limb Tube, Valve, Hose Joint
Service Time: More Than 15 Years
Warranty Time: 24 Months

Brief Introduction to Marine Rubber Airbag

Marine rubber airbag is a kind of product developed by LuHang for 20 years. It is LuHang's intellectual property. It is widely used in ship launching and landing, the caissons lifting movement, the removal of heavy objects, underwater installation work buoyancy aid and other areas. Marine airbag applications are not affected by site constraints, and do not need large-scale machinery and equipment, so that it shortens the project cycle and save lots of manpower and financial resources. After the development of nearly 30 years, LuHang Marine rubber airbag has proved that the product is safe, efficient, environmental and flexible.

Features of LuHang Marine Rubber Airbags

1. High Strength
The polyamide cord thread for airbag is produced with high tension reinforced fiber. Acord thread has the strength more than 320N, and the cord fabric has consistent and reliable quality. Our company developed and manufactured high strength airbags with the higher strength steel wires and aramid fiber as skeleton materials on customers' request.

2. Wear resistance and anti-aging
The airbag often works in extreme conditions, for example, it is soaked in the seawater, insolated in the direct sunlight and rolled in send. LuHang airbag is produced with natural rubber in a reasonable formula. The practice proves that LuHang airbag has high wear resistance and anti-aging ability, and the service life is as long as 8-10 years.

3. Good air tightness
Our company uses high quality rubber, etc. As raw materials and the advanced manufacture process to assure that our products have good air tightness, especially air tightness of the assisted floating air LuHang assisted floating airbag can keep its pressure for 24 hours at work pressure, with the pressure drop less than 3%.

4. Safety and reliability
LuHang airbag with the optimized structure design has the safety coefficient of 4-6 times, namely that its bursting pressure is 4-6 times its work pressure. LuHang airbag has a multi-channel airbag mouth to enhance the strength and air tightness between the airbag body and mouth.

5. High kneading and compressing resistance and damping capacity
LuHang airbag, made in an integrated winding process, has uniform thickness and high strength and therefore higher kneading and compressing resistance and damping capacity.

The reason for the selection of our Enterprise
1. Certificated airbags in stock available (big discount), quick delivery
2. Lifespaes: CCS, BV, ISO etc
3. Provide repair rubber patch
4. Material: Natural rubber, rubber-dipped nylon cord fabric
5. Factory with 20 years' experience

Product Description