Drum Vulcanizing Machine Care Should Be Noted

 Drum Vulcanizing Machine A device for continuous vulcanization of various types of adhesive. Sub-steam heating and electric heating two. With saturated steam heating and electric heating two. Heating with saturated steam shall increase the thickness and weight of the drum wall. Electric heating, do not need to increase. The main part of the work is hollow drum and non-joint strip. The tape presses the tape against the surface of the drum. The effect of heat on the cloth layer of vulcanization. Drum-type sulfur machine is also used in the production of artificial leather.

  Drum Vulcanizing Machine Vulcanizing machine as a conveyor belt tool, in the course of use and after the end of the use, but also with other tools, as maintenance and maintenance, to extend the service life. At present, I produced the vulcanization machine, as long as the use of proper maintenance, its life is 8 years.

Vulcanizer maintenance should pay attention to the following questions: [1]

1, vulcanization machine storage environment should be kept dry, well ventilated, to avoid wet due to wet electrical lines;

2, do not use the vulcanization machine in the rainy day to prevent the electric control box and heating plate water;

3, if the working environment is damp, more water, in the demolition of the vulcanization machine, should be used in the ground pad, do not let the vulcanizer direct contact with water;

4, if the use of the process, due to improper operation leading to heating plate water, should first contact the manufacturer for maintenance. If you need emergency repair, you can open the heating plate cover, the first water out, and then set the electric control box for manual operation, heating to 100 ℃, keep the temperature for half an hour, the line drying Manual belt for belt bonding. At the same time should promptly contact the manufacturer, the overall replacement of the line.

5, vulcanizing machine in a long time do not need to use the case, should be every two weeks to heat the heating plate (temperature set at 100 ℃), keep the temperature about half an hour.

6,Drum Vulcanizing Machine after the end of each use, the water plate should be put in the water clean, especially in winter, if the water can not be put clean, often lead to premature aging of water pressure plate, water pressure plate to reduce the service life;

The correct way to drain the water is to carry out the vulcanization machine after the vulcanization is finished. If the machine after the demolition of water, may lead to water pressure inside the water can not be completely discharged.