Analysis Of Plastics Extrusion Machine Auxiliary Equipment

Plastic extruder auxiliaries including line installations, straightening device, pre-heater, cooler, traction devices, Meter Coun ter,

Spark test machine, take up. Extruder use different matching auxiliary equipment is also not the same. If there are cut off, blow dryers, printing device, and so on.

Straightening unit: type of plastic waste is the most common type in eccentric and cores of various types of insulation eccentricity on the bending is one of the important reasons. In the sheathing, nursing surface scratches often are caused by the bending of the cable cores. Therefore, a variety of plastic extrusion unit straightening unit is essential. Straightening of the main unit types are: drum; pulley; twisted wheel, and dragged up, straightening, stabilized tension and other effects; roller type and so on.