Structure and working principle of mixer

Mixer mixing chamber, two under the relative rotation of the rotor, RAM, RAM, measuring systems, heating and cooling systems, exhaust systems, safety devices, discharge devices and recording devices. The screw on the surface of the rotor-like ribs, burst number two ribs, four-sided, six-sided, cross-section geometry of the rotor with a triangular, cylindrical or oval three, had tangential and engaged in two classes.

Mixer works by mixer at work, two relative rotation of the rotor, the future caught in the feed material into the gap by the rotor of extrusion and cutting through the gap

Met after top tied with sharp edges are divided into two parts, respectively, along the gap between the wall and the rotor back above the roll gap. In a flow around a rotor

Weeks, Director of materials subjected to shear and friction, surface of rubber compounding full access. Using mass together with the glue through the gap between the rotor and rotor, rotor and top, bottom-top

Indoor wall ties, mixing between shear and crushing, surrounded by tensile deformation of rubber, stability in a broken state. Meanwhile, mixer rotor

Ridges and the rubber compound along the axial movement of the rotor, and play a role in mixing, ingredients in compound mixed in.

Above is the structure and working principle of the mixer.