Safe operation of rubber mixing machine

Safe operation of rubber mixing machine:

Rubber mixing machine is to facilitate the next operations plasticating and cutting rubber blocks (chip) devices.

Rubber mixing machine there are many considerations before turning on, rubber cutting machine if you do not understand the procedure, will result in failure.

Glue smelting machine safety instructions:

1. main power on, open the pump.

2. equipment check point to normal, normal rubber cutting jobs.

3. the tool speed is adjustable up and down, and workers are not free to adjust to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

4. the products need to be adjusted in the cutting process must press the stop button at the rear can be manually adjusted to prevent safety accidents occur.

5. cut off the end, press the up switch to limit automatically stopped, and then press Stop button to reset.

6. Press stop button pump to stop the pump.

7. turn off the main power supply.

8. equipment around and knife slots clean.

Above is the safe operation of rubber mixing machine, workers should follow the operating instructions.