Development trend of rubber machinery

Production has the following advantages: large-scale production and the brand is complementary between the promotion of the formation of the brand, corporate brand is the consumer confidence in the minds of consumers, consumers in the same product, the price is even higher, consumers also Will be selected brand products to win the market; is conducive to the realization of mechanization, linkage and automated production, both to ensure product quality, but also to ensure the production efficiency; is conducive to the production of social and intensive production methods; is conducive to raw materials, Supporting the equipment to reduce prices, thereby reducing costs; is conducive to the production of staff and management staff of the refining; is conducive to new technology research, innovation and operation and investment in favor of market price competition, although the unit product price is low, but overall still maintained a rich Of the profits, and thus to further expand the reproduction, and then competition. To achieve large-scale production, the simplest way is strong combination, but this way because of the differences in corporate culture, management ideas, differences and differences in the distribution of power, this expansion of large-scale way there is a relatively large risk. Expansion of the scale of another way is the strength of strong corporate mergers and weaknesses of enterprises, the implementation of low-cost expansion, by the strength of strong corporate culture, business management concepts and advanced production technology grafted to the merged enterprises, with the fastest speed , The highest efficiency to play the benefits of mergers and acquisitions. So that enterprises can get more market space and profits, and then further expand the reproduction, and then competition, to achieve market competition benign and winning cycle. (2) the rubber machinery industry will appear innovation market competition in the final analysis is the end of technological innovation competition, in the early stages of reform and opening up all walks of life are still to meet the "there is no" problem, not to mention competition; in the late 20th century, A large number of new technologies and new equipment, in order to meet the needs of the domestic market is mainly digested and absorbed new technology and new equipment, when the market is mainly the seller's market, not to mention market competition;

In the early 21st century, especially after joining the WTO, foreign investment and foreign-funded enterprises have poured into the foreign production of products in China, the rapid decline in prices, the domestic production of traditional products, market competition constitutes a great threat, then the domestic Enterprises focus on the digestion and absorption of new technologies on the basis of the domestic market demand for production according to the specific circumstances of the original technology, equipment on the applicability of innovation; today's society to the market competition in the era of fierce competition, the market environment has undergone tremendous changes : ① modern information technology highly developed, so that market information, technical information is highly transparent and fast spread, and then in the shortest possible time to obtain market information and technical information, the original kind of information on the imbalance and rely on the situation of time has disappeared ; ② modern transportation and highly developed, so that the logistics market can be fast and timely flow, can easily meet the market demand for the time, the original kind of rely on the situation of poor areas also disappeared; ③ market globalization process has been broken The regional advantages. In this form of social development, companies are bound to produce more innovative products than other enterprises, in which you catch the competition, the enterprise will enter a new innovation situation. Rubber machinery innovation technology direction: First, with the rubber structure and processing technology development direction of innovation, with the production of rubber products and materials breakthroughs and product structure of the refined, the original technology is no longer applicable. Such as: pneumatic tires will be developed to the new structure of the solid tires or new structure of hollow tires or other structural tires, the original production technology and equipment will be replaced; the second is with the technological progress and development, can create New technology and new equipment instead of traditional technology and equipment. Such as: continuous mixing technology and equipment instead of the traditional intermittent mixing technology and equipment, new injection technology and equipment instead of traditional molding technology and traditional injection technology, new continuous production technology and equipment instead of sub-production technology and Equipment and so on.