Correct practice for rubber cutting machine

Rubber cutting machine operating procedures basic steps:

1. Carefully before operation check the oil level, electrical limit switches, transmission and hydraulic system, keep the rubber cutting machine in good condition, rubber cutting machine must be equipped with in-line double switch.

2. Stacked only two racks, carefully overlapping, avoid crushing foot rack.

3. When cutting plastic, must hand start the power unit, gel hand cannot cross cutter lines with rubber, but to pull the hook. Single hydraulic rubber cutting machine down, head and hands into rubber cutting knives must not be below.

4. Adhesive case, are not allowed to stand on the case tugged to prevent falls falls.

5. Rubber block is placed well before they can start cutting machine, start should prevent rubber block pop up when hurt, when any part of the body are not allowed to cross the cutter line. Glue drops are not allowed to use hands, feet to drive block.

6. Prohibits the continuous rubber, the cold, hard plastic blocks and debris.

7. While the equipment is running, crawling across or lying down to rest in the conveyor belt is strictly prohibited.

8. Blade slot liner, must cut off the power supply, before cutting and high and good cushion pad.

9. Disabled cutter should be put down, cut off the power supply, and site preparation.