Characteristics of pressure type kneading machine

Pressure type kneading machine for rubber, plastics and plastic mixing and mixing are also suitable for viscous material mixing and kneading.

Compression kneading machine characteristic: the rotor is an elliptical cut rotor surfacing wear-resistant carbide, surface of the mixing chamber, RAM hard chrome plating-surface treatment, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life. Rotor, compounding Chamber and RAM are structure of circulation channels in order to achieve the circulation of heat transfer medium, according to production requirements, either by steam or water heating and cooling the material. RAM through cylinders on the material pressure forced homogenous mixing of materials, improving production efficiency, rotor bearing support, easy maintenance, long service life. transmission by NGW planetary gear reducer, compact, high efficiency, low noise, long service life. After the native feed, with mixing chamber reversed discharging, cleaning items and changes color easily. electric control system using conventional appliances, according to user requirements can be equipped with a PC-programmable controllers.